Prophet Muhammed

In 570 CE.

Night of power

  • On cave Hira on mount Nur
  • Angel Jibril suddenly appeared with words 
  • Muhammed was commanded to read
  • Muhammed said he couldn't do it and Jibril started to choke him
  • Then Muhammed started to recite the words as if they were written on his heart
  • Angel Jibril told him he was the messenger of Allah


  • Means recitation
  • Written in Arabic
  • Its the word of Allah
  • 114 chapters called Surahs
  • arranged and collected by Muhammed's companions
  • Tells them how they should there lives and how to prepare for the day of judgement.
  • Contains stories of the past prophets.


  • The example of Prophet Muhammed
  • The actions,sayings and beliefs of Muhammed


  • Sayings of Muhammed
  • To prove it's genunine it must have the name of every human links between the writer and the prophet.
  • Advice and stories of Muhammed


  • Means bow to Allah
  • The 2 towers on the top…




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