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  • R.S
    • Islam
      • There is only one god in Islam (Allah) - Islam is Monotheistic.
      • In Islam there are five pillars which make up the faith: Shahahdah, Salat, Zakah, Swam and Hajj.
      • Salat - prayer, Muslims pray 5 times a day.
      • Zakah - charity, Muslims are expected to pay 2.5% of their annual income to charity to help those less fortunate.
      • Shahdahah - submission to submit to the will of god. you only believe in one god (monotheist)
      • Swam - Fasting, not eating or drinking during the month of Ramadan.
      • Hajj - Pilgrimage, A journey to Mecca for religious reasons (key word - Sin)
      • Mosque - The Islam place of worship. Inside: Minbar, Mihrab, Prayer hall, Kitchen, Washrooms, Classrooms, Gallery for women's prayers. Outside: Minaret, Dome (traditionally)
      • Minaret - The tower on a Mosque traditionally used the the Muezzin to call Muslims to prayer.
    • Colour coding: Green- I know this.                 Orange- Ok     Red- Learn!!
    • Judaism
      • Judaism is Monotheistic, this means they only believe in one God.
      • Abraham - He is the founder of Judaism (first of the three patriarchs).
      • Covenant - Promise which is binding and should not be broken. Abraham makes promise with God.
      • The Torah - Contains the books of the Jewish faith and the stories of the founders and leaders.
      • See more on the Judaism revision sheet for more information


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