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Democracy is 'rule by the people' or 'people power'. The term has its origind in the greek word demokratia- a union of demos (people) and Kratos (power). 

A democrtic system of government gives citizens a sat in choosing the politicans and in some cases even the policies that will shape their everyday life. 

Diect Democracy is where citizens are given a direct input into the decision making process.

YES--- Elected representavtives often enjoy length terms in office of up to 5 years (due to the fixed term parliment). Referndums and recalls make them more directly accountable betweenelections thereby enhancing representative democracy. 

YES--- Many MPs simply toe the party lime and do as the whips tell, Them rather than thinking for themselves and/or reresenting the interests of their consituents. Incorporating elements of direct democracy would remind the representatvives of who they were elected to serve. 

YES--- Conventional representatives democracy…


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