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Government and Politics
People and Politics…read more

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Pressure Groups
Democracy and Political
Party Policies and Ideas…read more

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Pressure Groups
· An association of people who seek to influence Generally have small, informal
public policy and decision making
· They seek to further interests of a section of
society or a cause
X Some Pressure group (RSPB) have a
large membership which is
democratic. However having this
sometimes undermines their cause.
Trade Unions/ Helped Environment
the Aged
Not Accountable (also means they
Normally do not focus on elections but
have no mandate)
use them for media coverage. An
exception to this would be the Green
Party who went from a pressure group Focus on a narrow range of issues.
to a party. However some TU's have developed a
wide range of policies.…read more

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Promotional Sectional
· Self-Interested (they want to
· Cause/Issue (environment) further the interest of their own
· Welfare of the Community members (National Farmers
· Not Self-Interested · Represent certain sections of
· Open Membership society or have closed
· They seek insider status
VS. Insiders
· Don't have a special relationship · Have a special relationship with
with government (either through government and are therefore
own choice or because the frequently consulted and have a
government don't want too) semi-formal place in governing
· Instead influence with public circles (RSPCA)
opinion and demonstrating · Some are set up by Government
· Can change; Trade Unions were (consumer for Equality and
Insiders but are now Outsiders Human Rights)
· Most insider groups are sectional…read more

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Elitism Pluralism
· Power belongs to a · Political system in which
small section of society no matter what you
(wealthy, military believe in you can
leaders, religious flourish
leaders, businessmen)
· Power is widely spread
· This means people, in
general, do not have · All groups are equal and
issues are fought from
power or influence.
· Un-Democratic?
VS. both sides
· Some groups have more · Opinions are tolerated
power then others (Size, and free
status, compatibility · A `civil society' that is
with government) independent of
government…read more

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Rise in Pressure Groups:
· Government are more increasingly · Pressure groups have become more
dependant on Pressure Groups to tell important with the decline and
them about Public Opinions disillusionment of political parties
· Pressure Groups have more · People are more interested in
opportunities to access decision single issues then political beliefs
· Pressure Groups have increased · The Media is moving against
activity in courts parties and more interested in
single issues.
What are their functions?
Prevent unfriendly legislation Promote friendly legislation
Amend legislation Raise Public and Political awareness on issues
How? Media Celebrities
Ideologically in
Finance tune with
Good Government
Organisation…read more

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