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Euthanasia questions. Only the wild cards change. It is the same plan for all questions.

Intro: Euthanasia... What is it/define it.

                               some idea about why it is controversial.

      Learn intro from sanctity of life essay:

  Euthanasia is a topic that causes controversies across different areas. It raises many views and arguments within society and religion. There are many different types which are, voluntary euthanasia, assisted euthanasia and euthanasia alone. It is the easy and painless for an uncurable person. In many countries, they dont allow euthansia and is therefore illegal. This is places like here in the UK. In other countries however, euthanasia is made legal and so they do allow it in places like Switzerland which is where people travel to to commit their death. There is however, debate as to whether it should be made legal in more countries so that people can die closer to their families


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