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1. Quantum mechanics Fundamental relations.The Plancks, Einstein formula for the energy E of a photon of frequency f is E equals, h,f , equals h bar omega. where omega is 2 pi, f is the angular frequency. The constant h is Planck's constant,h equals 6 point 6,2,6 10 times ten to the minus 34 Joule seconds or  4 point 1,3,6 times ten to the minus 15 electron Volts seconds. The constant h,bar is h over 2 pi, which is used much more frequently, is the reduced Planck constant, or sometimes the Dirac constant,h, bar.  equals 1 point 0,5,5 10 times ten to the minus 34 Joule seconds or 6 point 5,8,2 times ten to the minus 16 electron Volt seconds. 2. Light as a wave and as a particle, Displacement law. Wien's displacement law tells you the approximate wavelength at which a black-body radiates most strongly. lambda max equal to b over T. where b is called Wien's displacement constant and is numerically. b equals 2 point 8,9,8 times ten to the minus 3 milli Kelvin or 249 point 7 nano meter electron Volts. Blackbody radiation.The Sefan Boltzman law tells you the flux of energy emitted per unit surfacearea of a blackbody at temperature T. This is the irradiance, or flux density, j star. j star equals, stefan boltzmann constant times T to the power 4 The constant is called the Stefan Boltzmann constant and is numerially 5.6,7,0 times ten to the minus 8 Joule per second per meter squared Kelvin, to the minus 4. Luminosity, luminosity depends upon temperature and surface area. luminosity equals stefan boltzmann constant times area times, t to the power 4 Rydberg formula. A photon emitted in an atomic transition between an electron in orbit withquantum number n,i and an orbit with quantum number n is. change in energy equals, R,y times open bracket 1 over n,i squared, minus 1 over n,f, squared. where R,y is a Rydberg which is a unit of energy convenient for measuring atomic transitions. R,y equals…


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