Industrial C+P


Industrial Britain

  • Continuity of Smuggling - old crime, authorities found it difficult to tackle, people benefited from cheaper smuggled goods
  • Changes in Smuggling - introduced import duties, more goods were taxed so smuggling increased, the number of larger more organized gangs increased
  • Highway robbery became a new crime as more people 
  • Highway robbery change- death penalty introduced, mounted patrols used in the 19th century, highway robbery decreased as the bank grew (people carried smaller cash sums)
  • The Tolpuddle Martyrs, 1834- Six men formed a trade union when theyre wages were about to be reduced. They swore an oath of secrecy on the Bible, which was illegal. To make an example of them, they were sent to Australia for seven years. 
  • This was thought to be too harsh and all 6 men were returned to Britain 2 years later.
  • The Bow Street Runners - Set up by the Fielding brothers - went out to catch criminals, before the first police force.
  • Transportation was abolished as there were enough people to continue to live in Australia. 
  • The Bloody Code: many people thought the crime rates were rising 
  • People thought that crime rates were increasing as there will still lots of vagabonds on the street, public hangings, newspapers glorified crimes, little…


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