Importance of life - Religion & Secular view

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The following are the main beliefs that monotheistic faiths believed they will be judged on:

1) the devotion to god and religion, whether its passing a test or achieving salvation this is the only gateway to heaven. and is of great importance in life. 

2)following the example: 

in islam you must emulate mohammed. 

in christianity, emulate jesus, huge rewards fo fauthfulness and loving everyone.

3)stewardship - responsibility in caring for and preserving the earth which god gave you. 

4)detachment from material property - its important in life to release all desire for material wealth. if youre more concerned with the pursuit of profit then you will be punished. 

On the other hand, secularists have a different view on the importance of life. 

1) they believe it is important to live life to the full, and living for the moment. Forget the gods its the here and now.

2)its important that you contribute to the future also, possibly through leaving a legacy. for…


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