The Ethics of Human Relationships

Includes historical and modern views on s. e. x (filtering systems make me angry... :/) and relationships

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The ethics of sex and relationships
This encompasses a wide variety of issues
Religion sometimes viewed in secular world
as having outdated views of marriage which reflect
patriarchal cultures and biological ignorance.
Ancient attitudes toward sex and marriage
Humans should abstain from the physical.
We should live quiet contemplative lives.
They believed our souls were imprisoned in our bodies and that they had to free
them to move onto a new life form.
The physical obstructs the soul's progression, and as it does this it is not holy.
The division of the world between the physical and spiritual is called DUALISM.
Ancient Greek Stoics (group of Greek philosophers)
Disapproved of the loss of control and animal instinct involved in sexual pleasure.
Established by Aristippus in 5th century BC.
Celebrated physical pleasure.
Led a life of sensual enjoyment.
Saw immediate physical pleasures as the supreme good and so pursued them.
Ancient Israelites
More positive attitude to sex and reproduction.
Song of Songs.

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They had rules that recognised the importance of sex in marriage, newley married
men excused from military service for a year to allow the couple to enjoy each
other.…read more


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