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Electronic Communications


  • A quick, easy and convienient method of communicating (rapid)
  • Emails can be saved, recorded or sent to multiple recipients
  • Can include audio, video, pictures and text documents 
  • An overflow of messages can reduce speed of internet
  • Spamming can take up inbox space - inappropriate content
  • Privacy and security issues means messages can be intercepted


  • Saves money as no paper is required
  • Fewer errors are made improving customer service
  • It is a safe and secure system
  • Can be incompatable due to a range of file formats - always updates available
  • High initial set up costs
  • Can only transfer to companies who have the same software


  • Some broadbands allow for access on the move
  • Many are very easy to install
  • Connection is often fast for downloading and sending
  • There are restrictions as to where some can be accessed
  • Some can be quite expensive
  • Can suffer interference

Video Conferencing

  • Eliminates the need for travel - saves money and time
  • Speeds up processes due to multi-person communication
  • Visual information is part of the conversation
  • Time zones can cause meeting


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