hurricane katrina

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Hurricane katrina -  New orleans - August 29th 2005

why was New orleans at risk?

  • It was already below sea level
  • Had the missipi river running through it
  • situated on the gulf of mexico
  • The levee and flood wall  holding back water from the missipi river was weak, the water was emptied into New orleans- Poor maintainence and structure, only capable of withstanding a category 3 storm
  • The missisipi wetland (delta) was being destroyed due to oil extraction. Coukd not absorb the flooding by Katrina.
  •  Global warming is leading to a rise in sea temperatures and thus more storms

Primary impacts;

  • 1464 people died
  • 1 million homless
  • jobs and homes destroyed
  • by 28th, 80% of the population had evacuated
  • Looting in poor black communities
  • Communication…


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