Humans in the Outback

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Adapting to Arid Climates:

Water Management:

  • Rain soaks soil and percolates (trickles) down into bedrock. Over years it gradually collects. If you dril a borehole it comes up by natural pressure
  • Use boreholes to tap into artesian water
  • Farms have dams and resevoirs


  • Head to foot loose fitting, lightly coloured clothing
  • Prevents sunburn
  • Reduces water loss through sweating and reflects sun's heat
  • Head covering eg. Tuareg keep head cool


  • 4x4 but they can get stuck
  • Light aircraft and transaustralian railway are more reliable than cars
  • Traditionally camels are used because they can go days without water

Energy Use:

  • Air conditioning uses a lot of energy
  • Solar panels work very well
  • Deserts have strong winds so wind turbines work very well too

Building Styles:

  • Thick walls keep heat in and cold out
  • Flat roofs - good sleeping area
  • Underground buildings in Coober Pedy to keep cool



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