Hitler’s Rise and Consolidation of Power

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Rise to Power


·         Long term bitterness - Hitler appealed to the minds of the German people. He used the long term bitterness created by the Treaty of Versailles to stir up support for the Nazis.

·         Ineffective constitution - The ineffective constitution of the Weimar Republic meant that many Germans felt that a return to an autocratic system would be more efficient. Nobody could stand up to Hitler.

·         Money - Hitler’s charisma granted him the support and funding of many wealthy businessmen.

·         Propaganda - Strong and constant Nazi propaganda blamed Germany’s problems on groups such as the Jews, Communists and the ‘November Criminals’. Hitler was portrayed as the only solution.

·         Attacks on other parties - The Nazi Stormtroopers (SA) attacked other political parties and installed fear into Hitler’s opponents.

·         Personal qualities - Hitler was a great orator who had strong self-belief and self-motivation. The German people were convinced and inspired to trust him.

·         Economic Depression - The…


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