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Murder in Sarajevo

Archduke Franz Ferndinand and his wife Sophie arrived in Sarajevo on their Royal Visit to Bosnia on the 28th June 1914

Six teenage Bosnian Serb terrorists however planned to assassinate the Archduke during his drive to the town hall. The first two assassins lost their nerve and did not shoot or throw their bombs. Cabrinovic was the first to take action and threw his bomb, swallowed his poison and jumped in the river. Forntunately, the Archduke saw the bomb coming and threw it off his car, but it exploded under the car behind and injured several people. As the Archduke was being rushed to the town hall fearing more bombs, Cabrinovic was dragged out of the water by the police alive because his cyanide was too old and did not work.

When Franz Ferdinand got to the town hall he…


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