History - Border Disputes in the 1920's

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Aaland Islands - 1921 - Sweden and Finland

Both countries wanted control over the Aaland Islands, the League said it should go to Finland and Sweden accepted this.

Upper Silesia - 1921 - Germany and Poland

Both countries wanted control over the region on the border of both, they wanted it because of its rich iron and steel industry. A plebiscite was organised for the Silesians to vote on which country they wanted to join, the decision was equal so the league divided the regions and put in lots of safe guards to prevent any future conflict.

Vilna - 1920 - Poland and Lithuania

Vilna (the capital of Lithuania) was mainly made up of Polish so the polish army took control of it, Poland were seen as the aggressors. The league did nothing about this which made them seem as a failure, they attempted to send French and British troops to force the poles out of Vilna but…


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thank you! i forgot the failures of the League!

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