An Inspector Calls Quotes with analysis

An Inspector Calls Quotes

“You’re Squiffy”- Sheila in Act 1 to Eric

  • Shows the relations between both Eric and Sheila

  • Suggests Eric is a heavy drinker (revealed later on)

  • Edwardian colloquial term

“ I speak as a hard-headed man of business.”- Mr Birling Act 1

  • Shows his boastful nature and pride

  • Shows his arrogance and supposed authority

  • Glorifies himself on his business skills

“Unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable”- Mr Birling Act 1

  • Example of Dramatic Irony- Prior knowledge that the Titanic will sink in 1912 on its maiden voyage

  • Is a metaphor for the family’s status. Also predicts how their status will sink because of Eva Smith

“We must stop these silly pretences”- Sheila Act 2

  • Shows that Sheila is aware of the Inspector’s knowledge of everyone’s role

  • Calls on the other members of the family to admit before it gets worse (which it does)-

  • Shows example of Sheila’s remorse and her attempts to get others to do so

“Community and all that nonsense”- Birling Act 1

  • Shows Birling’s lack of understanding of ideas such as Socialism

  • Dismissive, because of his capitalist attitudes

“... a man has to mind  his business and look after himself”- Birling Act 1

  • Shows Birling’s laissez faire attitude

  • Shows Social Darwinist attitudes

  • Reaffirms Birling’s attitudes towards cohesion

“Don’t you understand? And if I could help her now, I would-” - Sheila Act 1

  • Shows remorse and empathy towards Eva Smith

  • Shows admission to guilt

“And I know I’m to blame- and I’m desperately sorry”- Sheila Act 2

  • Openly admits blame

  • Wishes to try and make amends

“She was very pretty- soft brown hair and big dark eyes”- Gerald Act 2

  • Stresses the difference between Eva and the “women of the town”

  • Shows affection between Gerald and Eva/Daisy

  • Emphasising on beauty, further villainizes the Birlings’ (and Croft himself possibly) treatment of Eva Smith

  • Suggests that She did not belong there

“I’m rather more upset by this business than I probably appear to be”- Gerald Act 2

  • Shows reservations in Gerald’s conscience

  • Shows Gerald trying to uphold social dignity

  • Shows the underlying guilt present in Gerald’s mind

“(Flaring up) Well, he inspected us alright” - Sheila Act 3

  • Sheila (and Eric) have a different opinion on whether or not the Inspector’s


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