Heroes quotes

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Chapter 1

  •  "Oh I have eyes because I can see and ear-drums because I can hear but no ears to speak of, just bits of dangling flesh."
  •  "He has a great sense of humour and has been trying to get me to develop one."
  • "At that moment, I knew that I was really anonymous, that  I wasn’t  Francis Joseph Cassavant anymore"
  •  "Pray for your enemies, for those who have done you harm."
  •  "I just prayed for the man I am going to kill."
  •  "I am not a hero of course"

Chapter 2

  •  "The most beautiful girl I had ever seen"
  •  "The pale purity of her face  reminded me of the statue of St Therese"
  •  "A hint of mischief as if she was telling me we were going to have good times together"
  •  "I silently pledged her my love and loyalty forever"

Chapter 3

  •  "I saw how young they were, boys with apple cheeks, too young to shave. Like me."

Chapter 4

  •  "I shake my head, not deserving his sympathy."
  •  "I wanted to be like them, theses heroes"
  • "I’m not the hero he thinks I am, not like the other veterans here in the St Jude Club"

Chapter 5

  • "A tall slim man stepped into view, a lock of blond hair tumbling over his forehead, a


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