Heroes - Quotes

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  • Quotes
    • Larry
      • "the movie-star smile gone"
      • "silver star hero"
      • "pretty young things"
    • Francis
      • "I'm sorry"
      • "I saw Nicole Renard for the first time in seventh grade at St. Jude's"
      • "I have no face"
    • Nicole
      • "pale purity of her face"
      • "remained me of the statue of St Therese"
      • "small and slender"
    • Arthur
      • "slumped against the brick building"
      • "Nobody talks about the war"
      • "weren't you scared"
    • Joey
      • "My hero from the war"
      • "The kids who were lucky enough to see him"
    • Mrs Belander
      • "Hello, Mrs Belander"
      • "The green house, cheap paint, bought discount, fading already..."
      • "I learned of his return from, all people, Mrs Belander"


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