Heat Radiation

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Heat is transferred in three different ways

  • Heat energy can be transferred by radiation, conduction or convection.
  • Heat Radiation is the transfer of heat energy by infrared (IR) radiation.
  • Conduction and convection involve the transfer of energy by particles.
  • Conduction is the main form of heat transfer in solids.
  • Convection is the main form of heat transfer in Gases and Liquids.
  • Infrared radiation can be emitted by solids, liquids and gases.
  • Any object can both absorb and emit infrared radiation, whether or not conduction or convection is taking place.
  • The bigger the temperature difference between a body and its surroundings, the faster the heat energy is transfered.

Infrared radiation - emission of electromagnetic waves

  • All objects are continually emitting and absorbing infrared radiation. Infrared…


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