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There are six main life stages:

  • infancy [0-3 years]
  • Childhood [4-10 years]
  • Adolences [11-18 years]
  • Early adulthood [19-39 years]
  • Midddle adulthood [40-64 years]
  • Later adulthood [65+ years]

Definition of human development;

A change in skills and bailities accross the life span.

  • Growth; the first year of life is a period of rapid growth with infants double their aerage birth weight of 3.3kg by 6 months and tripeling it by one year old. at 3 years old the average weight is 14kg. the average length at birth is 51cm, this increases rapidly to a heightof 94cm at 3 years. Milk teeth first appear at around 6 months and by age 2-3 years most hildren have a full set of 20 teeth.
  • Gross motor skills:ay the birth the infant has primitive reflexes for example sucking


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