Component 3

What is Health and Wellbeing?
Combination of physical health and emotional and intellectual (mental) well being, not just the absence of disease or illness.
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What is a holistic approach to health and well being?
It means meeting the needs of the whole person (PIES)
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Physical (Holistic Approach)
Healthy body systems, regular exercise, regular sleep patterns , access to shelter and warmth and good personal hygiene.
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Intellectual (Holistic Approach)
Keeping the brain healthy and active through: learning new skills and knowledge, communication and solving problems.
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Emotional (Holistic Approach)
Feeling safe and secure, being able to express all emotions, knowing how to deal with negative emotions, being respected by others, having positive self-concept
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Social (Holistic Approach)
Friendships and others positive social relationships, strong family relationship and relationships as part of a social group
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What physical characteristics are inherited?
Height,skin,eye colour, hair type and colour.
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What is self-concept?
Combination of self-image and self-esteem. What makes you you,includes your morals and values and what makes you different to other people.
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What is self-image?
How a person sees themselves
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What is self-esteem?
How they feel about themselves
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What is a gene?
Section of DNA that determines your characteristics
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How do environmental factors affect physical appearance?
Pollution can cause asthma and respiratory problems.
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What is an inherited condition?
Faulty alleles are passed from one parent or both parents.
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Name two different dominant inherited conditions and their effects
Huntington's Disease- involuntary movements and gradual loss Neurofibromatosis- tumours grow along the nerves of tellectual ability
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Name two recessive conditions and their effects
Cystic Fibrosis- A buildup of sticky mucus damages the lungs Sickle-cell anaemia - blood disease causing episodes of pain
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What is genetic predisposition?
Some people are more likely to develop conditions due to their genetic makeup
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What are the effects of inherited diseases? (PIES)
Body syustems, growth and mobility, learning, problem solving, how people feel about themselves and the ability to build relationships
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What is a holistic approach to health and well being?


It means meeting the needs of the whole person (PIES)

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Physical (Holistic Approach)


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Intellectual (Holistic Approach)


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