guide for writing gcse ancient history essays


period study exam Qs

q1, 4 marks, no paragraphs, ao1

q2, 6 marks, 1-2 paragraphs, ao1

q3, 10 marks, 3 paragraphs- 1 what the source tells us, 1 what we know, 1 conclusion, ao1, ao3

q4, 15 marks, 3+ paragraphs- 1+ on one side of the argument, 1+ on the other side of the argument, 1 short conclusion, ao1, ao2, ao3.
this q is all abt 2nd order concepts...

  • change & continuity. aim= give judgement if it's similar/ different
  • significance. aim= was it important or no?
  • cause. aim= which


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