Good and Evil

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Christian Beliefs About Good and Evil

Some Christians Believe:

  • God is perfect and the source of all goodness
  • Humans were created in God's likeness and have a responsibility to live in a way that is pleasing to him
  • The moral code given by God in the Bible is what Christians follow to live a good life
  • Evil is the result of not following God
  • Evil is personified in the character of the devil
  • The devil acts against God and wants to tempt humans to live in an evil way - e.g Adam and Eve

Other Christians Believe:

  • The devil is a symbolic way of showing how people often struggle to do what is right and that there is always the temptation to do things that are wrong
  • They believe the devil is an evil force not a real being
  • God created free will so people decide whether they are good or evil

The Two Types of Evil

  • Moral Evil - is when suffering is caused by the actions of human…




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