German AS Accusative case

the accusative case 

it is used for the direct object of the sentence lets start by learning how to identify it using this sentence

Ich lese das Buch 

in this sentance 'Ich' is the subject of the sentence and the 'Buch' is the direct object as it is having something done to it by the subject - it is being read by the subject

the forms taken in the accusative case are as follows

  • der- den
  • die- die
  • das-das
  • purals die-die

for 'a'

  • ein=einen
  • eine-eine
  • ein-ein
  • pural eine-eine

as you can see the only difference with the accusative case is that the word changes for a masculine word from der to den and ein to einen making this a relatively easy case to learn



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