Dative case

dative case

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Dative Case

We use the dative case in order to -

1) indicate were things are positioned when they are not moving.

2) to point out the indirect object in a sentence.

e.g. if I buy a present for my mother, then the present is the direct object of the verb to buy. (accusative) my mother is the indirect object, (dative)

Certain verbs take the dative at all times, especially those which indicate something is been done for or on behalf of someone, rather than to them.

e.g. i am buying my father a tie. - ich kaufe meinem vater einen schlips.

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Prepositions which govern the Dative

Aus - out of/from

bei - by/at the home of

mit - with

nach - after/to

seit - since

von - from/of

zu - to

Some prepositions and articles condense

in dem = im

zu dem = zum

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Dative articles

dative articles - definate

dem(m) der (f) dem(n) den(p)


einem(m) einer(f) einem(n) NO PLURAL

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