GCSE Religious Studies Unit 2 (Religion and Society) Keywords

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  • Natural Resources- naturally occurring oils and fertile land, which can be used by humans.
  • Global Warming- temperature of Earth's atmosphere(caused by Greenhouse effect).
  • Conservation- protecting & preserving natural resources and environment.
  • Creation- act of creating universe, or the universe which has been created.
  • Environment- surroundings in which plants and animals live on which they depend on to live.
  • Stewardship- looking after something so it can be passed on to the next generation.
  • Artifical Insemination- injecting semen into uterus by artifical means.
  • Embyro- fertilised egg in first eight weeks after conception.
  • In-vitro fertilisation (IVF)- method of fertilising a egg in a test tube. When an egg from woman is fertilised outside of womb using either husband's or donors sperm then replaced in womb.
  • Artificial insemination by husband (AIH)- husband sperm inserted into his wife through mechanical means.
  • Artifical insemination by donor (AID)- when anonymous man donates sperm which is mechanically inserted into the mother.
  • Egg Donation- when an egg is donated by another women, fertilised by IVF using husband's sperm then placed in the wife's womb by mechanical means.
  • Embryo Donation- when both egg and sperm come from donors, fertilised with IVF then inserted into the wife's womb mechanically.
  • Infertility- not being able to have children.
  • Surrogacy- arrangement where woman bears a child on behalf of another woman or where an egg is donated and fertilised by the husband through IVF and then implanted into wife's uterus.
  • Organ donation- giving organs to be used in transplant surgery. 
  • Crime- an act against the law.
  • Judgement- the act of judging people and their actions.
  • Justice- due allocation of reward and punishment/the maintance of what is right.
  • Law- rules made by Parliament and enforceable by the courts.
  • Capital Punishment- the death penalty for a crime or offence.
  • Deterrence- idea that punishments should be of such a


Miss KHP


Great revision source for all exam boards. Short definitions to important keywords relevant for the exam. 

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