GCSE Biology, movement of cells summary

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Movement of substances summary


They are three different types of movements of particles that you need to know for your exam:


·         Diffusion

·         Osmosis

·         Active transport [this is TRIPLE AWARD only.]


Diffusion this is the movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. It happens randomly and it crosses a partially permeable membrane.

This is either in a gas or a dissolved substance.
















It happens in the lungs mainly in the human body.


The way diffusion is sped up:


1.    Heat --> this gives particles energy to move.

2.    Concentration


Bethany Cunningham


Right guys before you make any assumtions. I have made this so you can print it out and draw the images. The summary with the descriptions and it is neccessary to print them out.  This will happen with most of my summaries for my biology summary notes because I think it is essential to copy out the diagrams to learn and revise the information efficently. If you stick around and check my profile regularly I will complete the GCSE biology course with both 'double award' and triple award' named. Please comment if you find this helpful I like to know if I am helping people!

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