Fundamental Ideas (C1)

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  • Everything is made from atoms.
  • We call the different types of atoms elements and there are about 100 different types of them.
  • Two atoms can make a bigger particle called a molecule when they join together.
  • Each of these different atoms have their own symbols and all of these can be found on the periodic table.
  • Compounds are made when two or more of these different atoms join together.


  • Elements in the periodic table are arranged in order of increasing atomic number (the number of protons).
  • All of the elements in a single group have similar properties.
  • The metals are shown on the left of the periodic table, and the non-metals are shown on the right.


This is a carbon atom. The number of protons in the nucleus tells you what atom you have.

  • 12 ----> Mass Number ------> This is equal to the number of protons and electrons.
  • 6 -----> Atomic Number ----> This is equal to the number of protons in the nucleus.

Therefore its symbol would be: 

In an atom a: Proton has a charge of +1



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