From Tsardom to Communism: Russia, 1914-24

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Effects of the First World War on Russia

  • Patriotism to the Tsar revived
  • High casulties (1,800,000 Russians died by the end of 1917)
  • Shortage of rifles and equipment
  • Poor transport slowed supplies
  • Military leadership bad
  • 1915 - Tsar took command of the army
    • Unpopular German wife left in charge
  • Stalemate between Germans and Russians
  • Inflation meant prices increased dramatically at home
  • Widespread hunger
  • Food and fuel shortages

The causes of the October/November 1917 Revolution

  • The Provisional Government was weak
    • Made up of different political parties, so it was hard for them to make decisions
      • Petrograd Soviet was, in contrast, united and had a clear idea of what it wanted to do
    • They rejected idea of peasants owning land until a permanant…


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