from slavery to segregation


the american revolution created an independant country, where all citizens had legally protected rights.

the rights did not extend to american blacks. still had status of slaves. they had no right and could be treated whoever saw fit.

by 1800 slavery had been abolished throughout north america but not in the southern states.

abraham lincoln led the northan states and declared the freedom of all american slaves in the 1865 emancipation act.

slavery was abolished across america because of the passing off the thirteenth amendment to the american constitution (made slavery illegal).

the 14 amendment (1868) gave rights too all people born in the united states of america and was an attempt to guarentee the rights of the people who had formely been slaves.

the 15 amendment (1870) gave all citizens voting rights regardless of race.

these amendments where never enforced although it was still some progress towards equality.

1890-1910 southern states introduced legal segregation by passing local laws which denied black americans access to facilities used by white americans.

these laws where known as the jim crow laws.

segregation wasnt just legislation it was an attitude of mind, segregation was an unspoken rule. by the time children where 3-4 years old segregation was allready inscribed in their…


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