FRG 1945-89 KT1

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Returning to a stable democracy after 1945

Allied forces took control of German gov and agreed democracy should be restored. Germany divided into 4 zones run by USSR, France, USA, Britain

Political parties set up from June 1945. KPD, SPD (more radical), CDU + CSU (Church-based)

Parlimentary Council set up on 1 Sep 1948 to draw up temp const. Announced the Basic Law 23 May 1949

The Basic Law:

  • Outlines a free + liberal democracy
  • Promised: Equal rights to citizens, Free speech, State education for all
  • Article 20: State authority exercised by people through elections
  • Article 21: Political parties can be freely established, Parties that undermine the free democratic order or endanger the existance of the FRG shall be unconst
  • But did have clauses that suggest it could be used to be repressive: Possible to ban political parties if seek to undermine FRG- fear of extreme parties still

Consolidation under Adenauer and Erhard 1949-65


  • Chancellor of WG 1949-1963. 
  • Some called his leadership a…


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