French Vocabulary- To describe character

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Pour décrire le caractère

Agréable- Pleasant

Aimable- Likeable       

Amusant- Funny

Bavard- Talkative

Calme- Calm

Charmant- Charming

Content- Happy

Drôle- Funny

Égoïste- Selfish

Ennuyeux- Annoying

Equilibre- Balanced

Fort- Strong

Généreux- Generous    

Gentil- Gentle/




Another great set of notes for learning and revising adjectives to describe people's characters. This would be very useful for learners of all levels and for all exams. Don't forget that the adjectives need to agree with the noun they are describing.



Really good and life saver for last minute homework so, thank you very much 

Merci :) 

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