Forces and Hooke in simple bullet points.

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  • A force of one Newton will make a mass of one kilogram accelerate at one metre per second squared.
  • The gravitational force is called weight.
  • A vector quantity has both a force and direction.
  • Quantities with no direction associated with them are called scalar quantities.
  • All materials will stretch a little when you put them under tension.
  • Materials that do not change shape easily are brittle, they break rather that stretching.
  • Resilient or elastic materials do not break easily and tend to return to their original shape when the forces acting upon them are removed.
  • Other matterials such as putty are not resiliant but plastic, and they change shape permanently when even small forces are applied to them.
  • The unbalenced force is when there is a larger force in one direction than another. 
  • A balenced force is when forces acting in opposite directions are equal, this either means the object is stationary or is


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