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Forces and Motion…read more

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Everything you need to know
Speed Equation Friction and Braking
Vector and Scalar Safe stopping distance
Quantities Acceleration due to
Distance ­ Time graphs gravity and weight
Velocity- time graphs Air resistance and
Acceleration terminal velocity
Forces (Different types) Momentum
The unit of force Newton's 2nd law
Balanced and unbalance Newton's laws of
forces motion
Hooke's Law Gravitational forces
Force, mass and The strength of gravity
acceleration…read more

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Speed Equation
You can re arrange the triangle to get different
m/s= metres per second
m= metres
s= second
S T…read more

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Average speed (m/s)
distance travelled(m)/ time
taken (s)…read more

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Distance travelled(m)
speed(m/s)*time taken (s)…read more

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Time taken(s)
distance travelled(m)/
speed (m/s)…read more

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If u made this then you have done extremely well 

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I made this myself, I hope it's helpful :)

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