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  • On a graph, the gradient equals the speed that the object is travelling
  • The flat sections show when it has stopped
  • Curves represent acceleration or deceleration
  • Downhill sections represent when the object has changed direction and is coming back to the starting point


  • On a graph, the gradient equals the acceleration
  • The flat sections represent steady speed
  • The steeper the gradient, the greater the acceleration
  • The area under any section on the graph represents the distance travelled

ACCELERATION --> How quickly the speed is changing

SPEED --> How fast an object is travelling (direction is not important)

VELOCITY --> The speed of something in a given direction

RELATIVE VELOCITY --> If two objects are moving parallel, the relative velocity is the difference in their velocities (they could be moving in the same direction or a different direction, as long as they are parallel)

TERMINAL VELOCITY --> When an object firsts starts moving, it has much more force accelerating…


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