Forces 2


Contact forces

  • active forces (pull, push)
  • resistive forces (air resistance, drag, friction)
  • tension (stretching)
  • compression (squashing)
  • reaction (opposes action forces)
  • turning force (twist)
  • upthrust (upward force from a fluid)

Non-contact forces


  • attractive force between objects with a mass (kg)
  • the bigger the mass, the stronger the force
  • the higher the object, the stronger the force


  • attractive/repulsive force between magnetic materials (eg// iron, steel, copper etc)


  • attractive force between charged materials (+,-)

Scalar or Vector

  • scalar only has a magnitude or size (eg// speed, distance, time, mass, temperature)
  • vector has size and direction (eg// velocity (2m/s due north), forces, acceleration, momentum)

Resultant Forces

  • a resultant force is the single force that has the same effect as the other forces on an object combined
  • resultance can change:

1) motion of objects (eg// speed up, slow down)

2) shapes




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