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Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

  • Forces are measured in Newtons (N)
  • a RESULTANT FORCE is made when several forces act on the same object
  • A resultant force is the (vector) sum of the individual forces acting on the object

Forces between Objects

  • Forces always act in (interactive) pairs
  • these forces are the same size and acting in opposite directions
  • they act on different objects and so CANNOT balance
  • eg. weight of car pushing on the earth and earth pushing back on car

Resultant Forces

  • Object at rest, resultant force zero; stays at rest
  • moving object, resultant force zero; velocity stays same
  • Moving object, resulatan force non-zero in same direction as direction of motion of object; accelerates
  • Moving object, resultant force non-zero in opposite direction to direction of motion of object; decelerates

Mass, Weight and Gravitational Field Strength

  • mass of object (kg)=quantity of matter in it
  • weight of object (N)=force of gravity acting upon it
  • on earth's surface gravity pills on 1kg mass with force…




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