Faulty Mitochondria

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  • Mitochondria contain there own DNA. 
  • Similar to choloroplasts: have a double membrane and have evolved from prokaryotic cells that 'invaded' eukaryotic cells in early evolutionary history - around 2 billion years ago. 
  • Made themselves invaluable - providing pathways and enzymes that help the cell to survive.
  • Get your many mitochondria from a few mitochondria cells that were in mother's egg cells, genes are passed down. When the cell divides, the mitochondria are shared out between the daughter cells. 
  • Human M.chondria contain 37 different genes - not as well protected as ones in nucleus - also prone to mutation - some mutations are harmful - mutant M.chondria genes have been linked to number of diseases. 
  • M.chondria aren't self sufficient in…


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