family therapy

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Family therapy is a psychological treatment carried out with members of schizophrenics family in order to improve the quality of communication and interaction between individuals .some psychologists see the family as the root cause of the condition however nowadays therapists are concerned with reducing stress within the family environment that may contribute to a patients risk of relapse .in particular family therapy focuses on reducing levels of expressed emotion .pharaoh identified a range of strategies useful to improve the functioning of a family with a member suffering from schizophrenia .a few of these include reduction of anger and guilt in family members reducing the stress of caring for a schizophrenic ,improving the ability of family members to anticipate and solve problems and helping family members to achieve a balance between caring for the ill member and maintaining their own personal lives.

AO3 :

support for the effectiveness of family therapy as a way of treating schizophrenia comes from pharoah's meta analysis which established that family therapy can be effective in improving patients mental


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