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Organic Chemistry
Aliphatic - chains

 Aromatic - rings

Saturated - all bonds are used - single bonds

Unsaturated - not all bonds are used - double bonds

Alkanes are the simplest hydrocarbons - used for fuels Similar chemical properties, different physical properties

Homologous series series of organic compounds with the same functional group but with each successive member differing by CnHn+2

Functional group is a part of the molecule responsible for its chemical properties

Locant number number of the carbon on to which a group is attached - lowest outcome, alphabetic order

Alkanes CnH2n+2

Alkenes CnH2n

Alcohols CnH2n+1OH

Molecular how many atoms of each element in the molecule

 Displayed shows all atoms and bonds

Structural written description of the molecule

Skeletal only shows bonds between carbons 

Stereoisomerism molecules with double bonds, each carbon must be attached to 2 different groups - double bonds do not rotate

E apart trans - Z together cis

Fractional distillations the separation of the components in a liquid mixture into fractions which differ in boiling points

Short chains - low boiling point Few points


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 More notes with diagrams: http://getrevising.co.uk/resources/f322_chemistry_notes :)

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