Explain Aquinas' version of the teleological argument. (25)


Explain Aquinas' version of the teleological argument. (25)


  • telos means purpose and is applied to the argument as it is based on the fact there is apparent order and purpose in the world
  • a posteriori based on evidence gained through the senses
  • inductive argument so if we accept the premises then the conclusions are likely but not definitely true

Paragraph 1

  • Aquinas wrote about the teleological argument in his book Summa Theologica and gave 5 ways to god
    • the fifth way was his version of the design argument
    • avoided the word proof or proves as he was aware it was not possible to prove gods existence so provided ways to god instead
  • he used evidence of the order and regularity in the world as evidence of a designer at work and a common source of the universe
  • this theory was called design qua regularity
  • analogy of the archer
    • Aquinas asked us to think about a bow and archer
    • as the bow lacks knowledge is because a thinking being ie the archer as propelled and directed


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