Explain the different types of jury trial available in England and Wales (14)

Juries have been used to trial people since the introduction of Magna Carta, which stated that individuals had a right to be tried by their peers. Lord Devlin described the jury as "the lamp that shows that freedom lies".

In criminal cases, the role of a jury is to be the deciders of facts and to determine a verdict (based on these facts) of guilty or not guilty beyond reasonable doubt. It's the judge's role to decide upon the factos of the case, not the jury. For example, in the case of OJ simpson and 'the glove didn't fit', the jury therefore found him not guilty because there was a doubt that he isn't guilty. 

The most common type of jury are ones that are used to try indictable offences in the Crown Court, suh as murder. 12 jurors will serve throughout the trial and the reasoning for this is…


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