Evil and Suffering

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Evil and Suffering

Where does evil and suffering leave God?

-Perhaps he is not omnibenevolent, thus he ignores the suffering of his people.

-Perhaps he is not omnipotent, so he does not have the power to stop suffering in the world.

-Perhaps he is not omniscient, and so he doesn't know these things are going to happen and therefore cannot stop them from happening.

How does evil and suffering prove that there is no God?

- If an omnibenevolent God did exist, he would be loving enough to put an end to all the evil and suffering of his people.

- If an omnipotent God did exist, he would have it in his power to put an end to the great evil and suffering which consumes our planet.

-If God was omniscient, he would see that these bad things are going to happen and would put a stop to them before they do.

- Jesus was the voice of God, and preached a message of love and compassion; healing people and helping those in need. Yet if God really…


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