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Social Networking Sites.

Facebook. The only place it is acceptable to write on walls and poke other people. That sounds weird but it is infact true. I just don't understand why we need 100 other sites whereby we talk to our so called 'friends'. Friends. Their not really friends are they? Firsty, you probably haven't verbally spoken to them before. Secondly, they were more than likely part of your competition to see how many 'friends' you could get to beat someone else. What happened to the times when people physically met and spoke?

Not only is it contaminated with people you don't know but their problems as well. This is where we move on to the people that write **** like "Don't know what to do anymore:(". Seriously, no one cares, if someone was concerned about you they would ask, they don't need to find out via a status update. If you don't know what to do then how do you expect other people to know? Honestly, no one needs to know how much of a 'hard time' you're having. The majority of people that write these statuses are, in fact, very luck in life. They have a roof over their head, food and water in their belly, clothes on their back, yet they still want to moan about how 'depressed' they are.

The groups and the games. Why is it…


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