Energy Transfer by Heating.


It's time to take a closer look at some energy transfer between thermal energy stores. Once you've warmed to these pages, you should know that...

  • Energy is transferred from hotter objects to cooler objects by heating.
  • When hot objects transfer energy to cooler objects, the difference in temperature between the two objects drops.
  • When two objects reach the same temperature, they're said to have reached thermal equilibrium.
  • When objects are touching they can transfer energy to each other by conduction.
  • All objects radiate invisible thermal radiation, with hotter objects radiating more than cooler ones.
  • Insulators can be used to slow down the rate of energy transfer between two objects.

Energy is Transferred From Hotter Objects to Cooler Ones.

1) When there's a temperature difference between two objects, energy will be transferred from the thermal energy store of the hotter one to the cooler one by heating. This tends to reduce the temperature difference - the hotter object will cool down and the cooler object will heat up.

2) This carries on until the objects reach thermal equilibrium -


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