Energy stores and systems P1.1, P1.2 & P1.3

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  • All types of energy stores
    • Thermal Energy
    • Energy stores and systems (P1.1)
      • Energy Facts
        • Energy is never created or destroyed. Instead it's transferred.
        • Energy is transferred mechanically.
        • Energy is transferred electrically
        • Energy is transferred by heating.
        • Energy is transferred by radiation.
      • Systems
        • A closed system is a system where neither matter or energy can enter or leave.
        • A system is one or more objects that you're interested in.
      • Energy examples
        • When someone throws a ball upwards, it causes the chemical energy store from the persons arm to transfer to kinetic energy to the ball.
          • This eventually turns into gravitational potential energy when it falls back down.
        • When a car slows down, the kinetic energy from the wheels transfers to the thermal energy of the surroundings.
        • When boiling water in a kettle, electrical energy from the source is transferred into thermal energy to heat the water.
    • Gravitational Potential Energy
    • Elastic Potential Energy
    • Magnetic Energy
    • Electrostatic Energy
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Chemical energy
    • Kinetic Energy


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