End of LIfe

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Ideas About Heaven:

In the medieval times they believed heaven was a place of angels, clouds and harps this idea was based on the teachings in the old testament and EZEKIELS vision of the throne of God.

However the Book of Revelation says that heaven is when there is no more suffering and God will rule the earth.

Some believe heaven is a Beatific Vision ( an eternal and direct view of God which gives people total happiness)

A statement in the Apostles creed says that people go to heaven in their physical bodies. ( Key Word: Resurrection - the body will come back to life after death) " I believe in the resurrection of the body"

Many people believe that heaven is a state of mind

The idea of being judged in the afterlife can make Christians more afraid of death than non-believers - as they fear that they may never be good enough to enter heaven.

Beliefs About Hell:

Original Teaching says that those who do not accept Jesus as their saviour or follow his teachings would be sent to hell

Hell was often described as a place of torture and everlasting fires, however the modern view…


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