PSRE- Sanctity of life

Just some points on the Sanctity of Life

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  • Sanctity of Life
    • The belief that life is holy and comes from God.
      • Life is Sacred
        • Only God can choose when life ends
          • Euthanasia goes against the Sanctity of life, you are taking Gods job by ending your life.
          • Abortion is against the Sanctity of life, you are ending a childs life, God has not killed this child for a reason
        • Life should be protected
          • Life is God given
            • All life deserves respect.
              • Sheep and Goats parable, people who help others will go to heaven.
                • Golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated.
            • you cannot create lives, only God can.
          • Human rights
        • Your body is a temple of the holy spirit, you should look after it
    • Christian belief


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