Electric Counterpoint Reich

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Electric Counterpoint General Points

- Composed by Steve Reich.
- Written for famous guitarist Pat Metheny. 
- First performed in 1987.
- One of 3 movements which follow a typical fast-slow-fast pattern.

Key Features Of Minimalism

- The repetition of simple ideas.
- Layered textures.
Diatonic Harmonies.
- Slow harmonic rhythms.
- Little variety in instrumentation.


- Electric Counterpoint is written for live guitar.
- When performed the live guitar is accompanied by 7 guitars and 2 bass guitars that have been prerecorded. 
- The live guitar is amplified to blend in well with the backing tape.


The movement builds up in 3 layers:
1) A syncopated quaver motif which is introduced in the live guitar and the top 4 guitar parts, one part at a time. 
2) A new syncopated quaver motif which is introduced in the bass guitars. 
3) A more sustained motif which is built around 3 chords, it begins in…


Samuel Richardson


This is really nice set of introductory analytical notes on 'Electric Counterpoint' by Steve Reich. Make sure you back up these key points with some more detailed analytical and background notes on the piece. This is a great starting point. 






Very good set of notes, very helpful!! :)