Eduqas GCSE Religious Studies Route B Component 1 Exam Questions

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Component 1.1 - Origins and Meaning

(a) (2) - What is meant by... - these will be keywords taken from the Glossary of Key Concepts 

(b) (5) - Describe Catholic beliefs about the Bible

- Describe Catholic beliefs about the origins of the world.

- Describe Catholic views on Evolution

- Describe the creationist view of the origins of the world

- Describe Humanist views on abortion

- Choose one Christian charity and describe how its work reflects Catholic belief about the dignity of the human being

- Describe what is meant by the term 'Catholic Social Teaching'.

- Describe what is meant by the Catholic understanding of 'Imago Dei'.

- Describe how the SVP works to relieve poverty in the UK

(c) (8) - Explain from two different religious traditions beliefs about the creation of the universe

- Explain the attitudes of two different religious traditions towards abortion

- Explain why a Roman Catholic would say that all human life is holy

- Explain from two religions/religious traditions belief in humanity as created Imago Dei

- Explain why the doctrine of Imago Dei is central to Catholic Social Teaching

- Explain how Michelangelo's Creation of Adam reflects Catholic beliefs about creation


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